ASEZ "Kamchatka"



Reduced insurance charge tarrif Preferential rental rates for residents  
Total amount of fees of residents for 10 years:

Pension fund - 6%

Social insurence fund - 1,5%

Federal compulsory Medical Insurence Fund - 0,1 %


of base rate

 Tax preferencies:
  • Declarative procedure of VAT recovery
  • Exemption from or reduction of the property, land tax rate in accordance with legislation of the subject of Federation 
  • Decreasing coefficient of MET during 10 years after that coefficient 1 is applied (0 — 0,8) 
  • Profit tax in the first 5 years from 0 to 5%, 10% in the subsequent 5 years 
  • Lamd tax rate 0% first 3 years

Reduced time of inspections

Approval of inspections by Minvostokrazvitiya of Russia and joint inspections.

The period of scheduled inspection
no more than 15 days

Priority connection of residents to infrastructure

 Free economic zone regime for residents

Duty-free and tax-free import, storage, consumption (usage) of foreign goods inside ADT, re-export of goods (equipment).

No permits are required for hiring expats

РPermit is issued without taking into account quotas

Reduced time for obtaining premits 

for capital construction. Environmental expert reviw of infrastructure facilities within 45 days.

Financing of construction of infrastructure facilities of ADT using state budget funds
No need to  urban development plan of the land plot with permission for the construction of linear objects  Provision of public services by management company of the ASEZ
(Development Corporation of Far East)





  • Registration of organization or individual enterpreneur 
  • Submission of application to Development Corporation of Far East
  • Review of application during 15 days
  • Decision about possibility of signing an agreement
  • Signing of the agreement and inclusion in the register of the residents 
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