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Property complex "Freza"

Since 2015, the Corporation has been managing the site of the Freza property complex, namely: 3 hydraulic structures with a total area of ​​5376.1 sq m on the track, storage facilities with an area of ​​5221.02 m2, and a total area of ​​land plots of 25719 m2.

During this period, the Corporation has accumulated high-quality experience in managing such facilities, a concept for the development of the site was created, comprehensive surveys of existing buildings were carried out for seismic resistance and the possibility of rehabilitating former industrial premises into hotel and retail and entertainment facilities, work on a pre-design sketch for the reconstruction and re-profiling of industrial premises in the collective use areas, a marina was organized for the parking of small boats, a service for the storage of ships was formed and a visit center was created.

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On the basis of the property complex, a project is being implemented to create an infrastructure complex for tourist and business development with the working name "TRC "Petropavlovskaya Harbor" as part of several structural elements: an international yacht port with an infrastructure for servicing small boats, a public walking area, an apartment hotel, a convention and exhibition center. The implementation of the project will form a large-scale multiplier effect for the development of medium and small businesses in several areas of business activity.

In general, the territorial cluster, in accordance with the project, will be represented by five main investment objects:

  • The office center with apartments is a two-storey building that includes mainly office areas with an area of ​​2,194 sq.m. and 5 types of apartments.
  • Business center comprising 2307 sq.m. office space and 2470 sq. m of retail space for various purposes on the ground floor to create street retail along the promenade, with the placement of a cafe, sale of souvenirs and catering outlets.
  • The apartment complex is a 6-storey building with the main purpose of temporary residence of people. The first floor of the building will be occupied by retail space, to continue the shopping line along the promenade.
  • Hotel complex for 30 rooms with a conference hall, fitness center and restaurant.
  • Yacht port "Petropavlovskaya Gavan". Infrastructure complex for seasonal parking on the water, off-season storage, repair and maintenance of small vessels.

The total volume of the proposed investments in the project “TRC“ Petropavlovskaya Gavan ”is expected to amount to 811 million rubles. excluding the cost of capital repairs of berthing facilities and a yacht port, the discounted payback period of the project will be about 9 years.

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