Complex project involves:
- the development of mariculture in Kamchatka in terms of hydrobionts cultivation.
- organization of cultivation and processing of mariculture: fish, algae, mollusks;
- reproduction of Pacific salmon;
- reproduction of the red Kamchatsky crab (building complex for production and keeping the king crab);
Kamchatka is a perspective region, both in the production and processing of fish and seafood.
Placing on the market of highly biological activity and environmentally friendly seafood guarantees a high demand for these products both in the domestic and foreign markets.

The project represents the creation of sports and ecological complex that meets international standards-season resort. Development of various sports and tourism, international, Russian, regional, district and city competitions, promotion of healthy lifestyles, training children and Russian athletes in various sports on the basis of a sports complex.

Organization of 3 million tons per year production and sale of clean drinking water from underground mineral waters on the deposit of “Russkaya” bay.

Total reserves  of underground waters in “Russkaya” bay estimated more than 100 thousand cubic meters per day. The field is located in the bay on the east coast of Russian Kamchatka peninsula, 90 km to the south of the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Territory of water intake is located within the South-Kamchatsky nature park, far away from settlements and industrial facilities. The uniqueness of the object is due to the high performance of underground mineral water of drinking quality, high flow rate, the ability to load large-capacity tankers directly from the field. Russian depth of the bay up to 26 meters on the fairway that allows to boot water-filled vessels up to 100 thousand tons.

The purpose of the project - the creation of fair agricultural producers in order to support local small businesses.

Construction of greenhouses and vegetable plant to grow vegetables and greens with the volume of production of 2,000 tons per year, an increase of assortment and product competitiveness.

Construction of a timber plant for the production of fuel pellets (pellets) in paragraph Mielke and Elizovo. Construction of a sawmill and house-building plant in Elizovo. Providing boiler Milkovo environmentally friendly fuel, reducing the dependence on of imported coal. Production houses of wood, increasing the production of quality lumber.

The aim of the project is to develop the field , creating and processing plant. Krutogorovskaya coal deposit is the most important object for the energy field, as its geographical location , good quality coal and a high degree of exploration suggest this to one of the major sources of raw materials for energy regions of Central and South Kamchatka. Studies have shown that coal deposits are Krutogorovskaya high energy fuel, not inferior coals Sakhalin Island.

Aim of the project: Construction of mining and processing plant for the extraction of silver and gold (gold factory) on Rodnikovskoye field  - 2 tons of gold per year and 4 tons of silver. Start of commercial production from the field is scheduled to start in 2015.

Aim of the project: to built a pilot production in mining and processing of gold ore in the territory of the licensed area with an annual capacity of 250 thousand tons / year. Implementation of the project will require the construction of mining and processing plant, mining enterprises, facilities and infrastructure, including p.Tilichiki up the road from the field "Violet."

Purpose: Comprehensive development of Kamchatka Territory by using renewable clean energy of river; a significant reduction in the cost of electricity production and selling tariffs for consumers, which, in turn, will give impetus to the development of the regional economy.

Project goal - ensuring needs of of enterprises in Kamchatka Krai quality feed, optimization of existing costs per unit of output, lower costs for unloading grain, reducing the costs of laboratory tests.

The project consists of construction of all-weather international ski resort-based sites "Gora Moroznaya and Sedlo", "Zone of Avachinskii volcano", "Spine Topolovy", "Petrovskaya Sopka".

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