Creation of mariculture in “Vilyuchinskaya Bay”

Complex project involves:
- the development of mariculture in Kamchatka in terms of hydrobionts cultivation.
- organization of cultivation and processing of mariculture: fish, algae, mollusks;
- reproduction of Pacific salmon;
- reproduction of the red Kamchatsky crab (building complex for production and keeping the king crab);
Kamchatka is a perspective region, both in the production and processing of fish and seafood.
Placing on the market of highly biological activity and environmentally friendly seafood guarantees a high demand for these products both in the domestic and foreign markets.

vilu vilu2 Vilyuchinskaya

Description of the project

Initiator of the project

 OOO "Avacha-Tral"

Address: 683031, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Maritime st., 96

Phone: +7 (4152) 226-819, +7 (4152) 226-817

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Business idea

1. Development of mariculture in Kamchatka in terms of cultivation hydrobionts:

• seaweed - kelp, Malaria;

• shellfish - mussels, scallops;

• echinoderms - sea urchins;

• cage rearing cod, trout, coho salmon.

2. Organization of the cultivation and processing of mariculture:

• fish - cod, salmon (trout, coho salmon);

• seaweed - kelp, alaria;

• shellfish - mussels, scallops, oysters.

3. Reproduction of Pacific salmon:

• restoration of natural spawning grounds;

• construction of hatchery salmon (hatchery) on  Vilyucha river on operating conditions return.

4. Reproduction of king crab:

• construction of a complex for the production and keeping of Kamchatsky crab – Vilyuchinskaya  Bay.

Brief description of the territory where the project will be realized

Marine farm is located in Avachinsky Gulf, 45 km south from the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, cultivation and reproduction – in the Vilyuchinskaya Bay and Vilyucha river (Elizovsky municipal district). The total area of the fixed sea area of 20 square km.. Processing of raw materials will be produced at the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Estimated investments in the project

745 million rubles ($12 mln.)


Own funds- 95 million rubles ($2 mln.);

Project implementation period

Implementation of the project : 3-4 years

1.    Organization of mariculture cultivation (2014-2016)

2.    *The acquisition, production, installation of hydro-bio-technological specialized tools (GBTS) for the cultivation of aquatic organisms in the Vilyuchinskaya bay.

*Acquisition of floating facilities, to serve GBTS.

*Construction of buildings for preparation of planting materials, purchase and cultivation of planting material, equipment, premises-based and primary processing of products in the Vilyuchinskaya bay.

Conduction of marketing and advertising.

(Plot– industrial plot number 216 Vilyuchinskaya bay).

*Seafood farms: mussels, scallops, sea urchin, kelp, alariya.

- Capital expenditures - 65,0mln. rub.

- The volume of farmed seafood - 2,500 tons

- Payback period - 4.5 years

2. Construction of a production and keeping the red king Kamchatsky crab in pool (growing fry crab), to replenish the population of red king crab and Avachinsky Kronotskogo Bay (2014g.-2016.)

* Design, purchase of buildings and equipment, construction of the complex in the Vilyuchinskaya  bay.

* Complex for production and keeping the red Kamchatka crab in pool (Growing fry on a reimbursable basis)

- Capital expenditures - 50.0 millionn. Rubles.

- The volume of farmed fry crab - 500 thousand.

- Payback period - 5 years.

3. Construction of a salmon hatchery, for rearing fry chum  salmon on Zhirovaya river, with further production for feeding into the Pacific ocean and partial landing in charge.

* Survey works, design, purchase of buildings and equipment, the construction of hatcheries in the area of hot springs in the upper reaches of the Vilyucha  river  - 2014. - 2016
* Setting the reproduction of chum salmon Zhirovaya river, with the operation returning after feeding
- Capital expenditures - 380,0 million rubles
- The volume of farmed salmon - 10.0 million pieces
- The payback period of 5.3 years

4. Organization of deep processing of objects grown and caught fish and seafood in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. 
* Construction, preparation of production facilities, purchase of equipment for deep processing of cultivation and reproduction. (Platform, Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky,  Primorskaya 96 st). 
- (2014. - 2017.)
* Fish processing complex of deep processing of fish and seafood.
- Capital expenditures - 250,0 million rubles
- The volume of farmed seafood - 5000 tons
- The payback period of 3.8 years

Type of project

New Construction

Industry classification

Bio resource Complex (OKVED: 05.02.11 - reproduction of fish and aquatic biological resources).


1. Algae:

• kelp, malaria:

- Food products: natural, frozen , dried, gelled (cooking, preserves, condiments, as an additive to supplement iodine in other foods);

- BAD;

- Medicines;

- Cosmetics (creams, balms, shampoos);

- Animal feed;

- Bio-fertilizer.


• mussel, scallop:

- Food products: mussel  , chilled mussel meat, canned goods, preserves;

- Raw material for the production of medicines;

- An additive for animal feed birds.

3. Sea Urchin:

- Food products: caviar chilled, frozen, salted;

- Fodder production: additive in feed for animals and birds, fertilizer.

4. Fish:

• Cod, salmon:

- Chilled, frozen, smoked food products: fillets, steaks, portioned, caviar

Financing schemes

Source of funding – extra budgetary funds (legal entities)

The ratio of equity and debt:

Own- 3.36%, Borrowings – 96.64 %

Basic economic characteristics of the project

NPV: 2381,0 million rubles 

IRR: 62%

Profitability index: 3,58

Socio-economic importance

-the number of jobs, created as a result of realization of the project – 200 seats, raised for the season – 100 seats;

-created GDP per capita in Kamchatsky krai- 470 rubles;

-increase of tax revenues in the project implementation (6th year) – in 7 times (120 million rubles annually);

-the implementation of the project will allow to get  in 20 years period – 77 500 tons of valuable raw biological resources..

Availability of business plan, feasibility studies, financial models

Feasibility studies, financial model (need adjustment), marketing research were developed.

The presence of the project, permits, necessary examinations (public, environmental, and so on) – Readiness/ expected time frame for obtaining


1.    Prepared research and development program of marine industrial sector organizations for the cultivation of seaweed, shellfish and fish.

2.    Specialists of KamchatNIRO carried out a research of reservoir. Prepared "Rybovodnoe-biological basis for the creation of an experimental mariculture

"Vilyuchinskaya bay".

3.    Agreement have been conducted between with North-Eastern territorial department of Federal Agency for fisher of the allocation of fishing area for the implementation of the commercial fishery for a period of 20 years  are of 20 sq. km; for the development of the marine farm.

4.    Developed and partially made GBTS (hydro-bio-technological) for cultivation of algae and shellfish.

5.    Conducted experimental work on the cultivation of mussels and kelp, a positive result.

Acquired two fishing boat.


Availability of land

The total area of the fixed sea area is 20 square km. Processing of raw materials will be made at the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Additional information


Availability of raw materials:

Contract №05 / 2011 from 30 September 2011. Valid until 30 September 2031.

The total area of marine waters and salmon hatchery allows for annual cultivation and reproduction of 5,000 tons:

* Shellfish - 1,300 tons - mussels

     400 tons - scallops;

* Algae - 600 tons - kelp;

      150 tons - alaria;

* Shellfish - 1,300 tons - mussels;

400 tons - scallops;

* Algae - 600 tons - kelp;

150 tons - Malaria;

* Echinoderms - 50 tons - sea urchin

* Fish - 2,250 tons - salmon (chum, silver salmon);

100 tons - codfish

Forms of investment:

* Investment loan, lease - a public-private partnership

* Foreign investment

 Period of construction (implementation) of the project (all objects): 3 - 4 years

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