Construction of all-season ski resort on the basis of 4 ski-sites.

The project consists of construction of all-weather international ski resort-based sites "Gora Moroznaya and Sedlo", "Zone of Avachinskii volcano", "Spine Topolovy", "Petrovskaya Sopka".




Government of Kamchatskiy Krai

JSC “Development Corporation of Kamchatka”

Business-idea (the purpose)

The project is a tourist and recreation cluster of 4 ski resorts linked by a common transport infrastructure and overall marketing strategy. Each site provides for the establishment of holistic tourist complex: the construction of modern hotel complexes, the slopes and lifts, as well as related infrastructure (hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants and cafes, rental, shops, etc.).

Developers of the concept of the project were the company "SKADO" (Samara), the company ECOSIGN (Whistler, Canada), and the company "Financial and Organizational Consulting" (Moscow). Siting of places allow to obtain a number of benefits from their relative position.

Evaluation of the potential of tourist traffic in 2025 - 110 thousand persons.

Territory of business

Volcano "Petrovskaya Sopka" is located on a small ridge in the center of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 29 km from the airport. Maximum height - 488 m; minimum height - 35 m; drop - 453 m.
Site "Avachinskiy Volcano" is located in 50 km from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and about 45 km from the airport in Elizovo. Maximum height - 2100 m; Minimum height - 200 m; drop - 1900 m.
For many years  ski resort on Mount Frosty - a place of rest, training and competitions in different kinds of winter sports. Site is located in 7 kilometers from Elizovo, a ten minute drive from the airport and 38 kilometers from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In the area of ​​the site "Frosty Mountain" goes public roads of regional importance Elizovo - Gora Moroznaya. Maximum height - 879 m; minimum height - 80 m; drop - 799 m.
The vast territory of the ridge Topolovy (175 sq km.) Is a large mountain range extending for about 25 km, stretching towards the "north-east - south-west", which is located at a distance of 40 kilometers from the airport Elizovo and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky . Maximum height - 1051 m; minimum height - 20 m; drop - 1031 m.


25 621 mln. rub (854 mln $) including:
Infrastructure - 6 040 million rubles (201  mln $)
commercial areas - 19 581 million rubles  (653  mln $)
Planned expenditure:

2017 - 8 220 billion rub.
2018 - 8,8 billion rub. 
2019 - 3,36 billion rub. 
2020 - 3,65 billion rub. 
2021 - 1,57 billion rub.

Period of realization

10 years

Type of project


Industry classification

Sport and tourism

Planned production (production capacity)

Construction of objects:
- modern hotel complexes;
- ski slopes and ski lifts;
- related infrastructure.
Evaluation of the potential of tourist traffic (excluding the local population) in 2025 - 110 thousand. Persons.

Financial plan


·        Budget funds: the federal budget-  4.2 billion rubles (140 mln $) and the region's budget -  1.8 billion rubles (60 mln $)                                                                 

·         Investors: 19,6 billion rubles (287 mln $)

Assignment of the special importance of the regional project and receive tax benefits is possible.

Socio-economic indicators of the project

Construction year-round international ski resort will promote the development of sports tourism in the region.

Employment opportunities: 783.

Each site will be able to operate as a separate resort, and in combination with other resorts. At the same time, each area has unique characteristics and capabilities to meet the needs of a wide range of tourists, from the novice to the extremists - professionals. 


Availability of business plan, feasibility studies, financial models

Predesign, developed the concept and marketing analysis.

Negotiations with French alpines companies in progress.

Availability of design, permits, necessary examinations (public, environmental, etc.) 


Availability of land plot

Construction is scheduled on the territory of existing sites: Frosty Mountain and Saddle; zone Avachinskii volcano; Ridge Topolovy; Peter Sopka




   Presentation of the Project 
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