One of the basic principles of JSC “Development Corporation of Kamchatsky Krai” is maximal openness, transparency of processes and criteria for project selection, and decision making. In order to simplify the process of preparation of project documents, on this page you can find all necessary information.

If you have a business idea or project, You can apply at JSC “Development Corporation of Kamchatka”.

Selection criteria projects

 Criteria for selection of investment projects:

- project complies with the principles and main directions of investment activity of the Corporation;

 - the project is planned for implementation on the territory of Kamchatsky Krai.
 - project meets the objectives and priorities defined in the Investment strategy of the Kamchatka region.
 - availability of key personnel of the company-operator of the project experience and qualifications relevant to the objectives of the project.
In order to simplify the process of operation and submission of project documents, all necessary information is posted below. You can apply for a review of your business idea or project in JSC “Development Corporation of Kamchatsky Krai”. You must send us :
- the documents (download);
- business plan of the project must meet the following requirements (download).

 If you encounter difficulties with preparing business plan, it is recommended to use a special template of a business plan (with details for completing) with the financial model, which you can download here.
 The Proponent may apply to the Corporation with a request to assist in the development of a business plan.

The application process and maintenance of the project

Approximate application process and implementation support for the project is as follows:

Step 1. The Idea

You must prepare the documentation specified above and send our specialist, or together within copies of documents to send it by email.  Above are links on template of a business plan and financial model with detailed instructions. Filling of these documents does not require highly specialized education and clarifications made in an accessible form.

Step 2. Examination

We carefully consider the materials submitted by the project and will contact with you.  If the project meets the requirements of the Corporation, but the documentation is not modified ( unfinished business plan or no financial model, there is no PDC, and so on), we will help in its development.

Step 3. Discussion

Next step will be identification of the most effective forms of interaction between the corporation, the initiator of the project and potential partners. Will be defined in terms of entry and exit of the investor from the project, mechanisms of mutually beneficial cooperation, opportunities and conditions for implementation

Step 4. Search of the Partners

Once you have identified forms of cooperation, simultaneously with the development of project documentation (including detailed business plan and all necessary documents), than starts search of investment phase. Investments can be obtained through partnerships with private enterprises, funded by the Federal and regional funds, funds of the Government of Kamchatsky Krai, getting loans from banks or interested in the investors project, etc.

Step 5. Beginning

After determination of investors/co-investors of the project, negotiations and execution of the legal relationship between the parties to the transaction, the initiators of the project ( or other person in accordance with the agreement) begins the first phase of the project. This may be the purchase of equipment, preparation of lease and land relations, constructions, etc.

Step 6. Start

Upon completion of the preparatory phase, begins the stage of commercialization, the project enters the market and start its development, begins to recoup investments.

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